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 Calvin’s Record List 

(Albums, LPs, EPs, 12" singles, 7" singles, 45s, Cassettes, Maxi-singles, Cassette singles, CDs, CD singles, and MP3s.  Sorry, no 8-tracks.)

List still in the process of being updated. If you are looking for anything in particular, let me know. Please specify the format you want your copy: CD, cassette, or MP3. Here's a sample of my favorites:
Classical (J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart), Movie Scores (Hans Zimmer, Randy Edelman, Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota), Country (The Mavericks, Martina McBride, Pam Tillis), Chinese (Sandy Lam, a-Mei, Wang Jie, Wong Faye), Japanese (Anime, Utada Hikaru), Korean (Y.G. Family, Fin.K.L), Spanish (Mecano, Lucero, Shakira), Popular (Cranberries, Ace of Base, No Doubt), and Techno/Dance (Mortal Kombat, The Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers)

Music Genre:   Chinese   |   Japanese   |   Korean   |   Spanish   |   Russian   |   Christian   |   Movie Scores   |   Classical   |   Country   |   Soundtracks   |   Celtic / Irish   |   Electronic / Techno / Dance / House / Trance   |   Jazz   |   Pop / Rock / Etcetera   |   Hip-Hop / Rap

For more album information (track listings, etc.), check: Half.com or YesAsia.com or ASK ME!  =)

LP = Long Play vinyl record
CD = compact disc
ECD = Enhanced audio CD. Contains regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.
LD = Laserdisc
VCD = Video CD. Developed after LaserDiscs (LDs) and before DVDs. Were sold in the US primarily from 1995 to 1997. Still popular in Asia and other parts of the world. Generally costs less than DVDs and plays in computers, VCD players, and most DVD players.
MPEG = Motion Picture Experts Group video file.
MP3 = Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG)-1 Audio Layer III.

Artist Title Year Format
Kit Chan     CD
陳慧嫻 Priscilla Chan Wai-Han Karaoke Greatest Hits: Polygram Supreme Karaoke 1993 LD
Music Videos Karaoke Vol. 1   VCD
Music Videos Karaoke Vol. 2   VCD
Kelly Chen Kelly Chen Wai-Lum / Chén Huì-Lín Love Kelly 1997, 1998, 1999 CD, VCD, VHS
Kelly Chen Collection 1995-2000 2000.07.01 CD
Dai Yutji 2000.11.24 CD
Music is Live 2001.11.02 CD
Music Composed by Tan Dun. Cello Solos by Yo-Yo Ma. Theme Song Performed by Coco Lee Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Soundtrack 2000 CD
Fan Tong Zhou Pearlessly Beautiful DSD English 2004 CD
Yuki Hsu Yuki Hsu Huai-Yu First Album First Album   CD
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! 1998.10.01 CD
Magic Women of Love 2 Generations 1999.03.01 CD + VCD Going 1999.04.01 CD Maxi-Single
Angel The Angel 1999.06.01 CD
Love 2000.01.01 CD
U'Want 2000.09.01 2 CDs
Miss Right 2001.08.10 CD
鄭秀文 Sammi Cheng 我們的主題曲 Our Theme Song 1997 MP3
Sandy Lam / Lum Yik-Lin / Lin Yi-LianSandy Lam / Lum Yik-Lin / Lín Yì-Lián
26 April 1966, Hong Kong
Sun Jong Yik-LinNew Song + Super Remix / Sun Jong Yik-Lin / Xin Zhuang Yì-Lián 1985-1988 Cassette, CD, MP3
City Rhythm I I: City Rhythm I / Dousi Chukgok I / Dushì Chùjué I 1988 Cassette, CD, MP3
FUIR LA CITÉ City Rhythm II PART II Sandy Lam / Lum Yik-Lin / Lin Yi-LianToulei Gonggen Sumlum: City Rhythm Part II / Toulei Gonggen Sumlum / Táolí Gangjin Senlin / Escape the Concrete Jungle 1989 Cassette, CD, MP3
The Best of Sandy [Live]   Cover   Tracks 1997 2 CDs
Sandy Lam's 2000.01.01 CD
2001 Lin / Lian4 2000 CD
CoCo Lee Million Love Live Concert in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC) (Mandarin) 1998.08 2 CDs
Karen Mok Wen-Wei Karen Mok Wen-Wei     CD, VCD, VHS
S.O.S. (Sisters of Shui)     CD, VHS
Tarcy Su Hui-Lun Tarcy Su Hui-Lun     CD, VCD, VHS
Sun Yan-Zi Stefanie Sun Yan-Zi
23 July 1978, Singapore
My Story, Your Songs All-Record Collection (2CD + 40-paged Photo Album) (Hong Kong Special Edition)   Cover 2000-2006 2 CDs
Against the Light (Taiwan Postcard Preorder Version)   Cover 2007 CD
Teresa Teng Li-Chun / Dèng Lì-Jun / Deng Lai-Gwun
29 January 1953 - 8 May 1995, Yunlin County, Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC)
The First Complete Collection of Teresa Teng 2006 4 CDs
Wong Faye Wong Faye / Wáng Fei3 Not For Sale Not For Sale   CD
Music Best Music Best   CD
Old Dream Old Dream   2 CDs + VCD
Wong Faye Music Wong Faye Music 1998.10.01 CD
Singing Tour Singing Tour 1999.03 CD
Danyuan Ren Chang Riu Darnyuen Yun Chern Gau / Dányuán Rèn Cháng Jiu3 / Wishing We Last Forever / Wish You Live Forever (Compilation) 1999.06 2 CDs
Zhi Ai Moshengren Zhi Ài Mòshengrén with Bonus "Jingcai" / "Jingcai3" VCD / Love Stranger Only 1999.09.01 CD + VCD
Faye HK Scenic Tour 98-99 Faye HK Scenic Tour 98-99 1999.12.01 2 CDs
Fable Fable 2000.10.01 CD
Wong Git Wong Git / Wáng Jié Giving 2000 2 CDs
Sarah Wong     CD
Sally Yeh / Yip Si-Mun / Yè Qiànwén
30 September 1961, Taipei, Taiwain, Republic of China (ROC) (Grew up in Canada)
Clear Moon Heart 1993 / Greatest Hits (Mandarin) 1993 CD
Bright Moon Heart A compilation of Sally's Mandarin hits under Warner Music label   Cover   Tracks 1994 CD
Simple 1995 CD, VHS
A-mei Chang / Zhang Hui-Mei / Jeung Wai-Mui
A-Mei 1998 Concert Prelude   Cover   Tracks 1998.01.01 2 CDs
Album No. 5: Lover! May I Hold You? 1999 CD
Bu Gu Yi Qie 2000.12.05 CD

Various Artists
Artists Title Year Format
Karen Mok Wen-Wei Karen Mok Wen-Wei, Yuki Hsu Huai-Yu Yuki Hsu Huai-Yu, Tarcy Su Hui-Lun Tarcy Su Hui-Lun, Winnie Xin Hsiao-Chi, Chin hsiu Chin hsiu, Angelina Lee Hsin-Chieh Angelina Lee Hsin-Chieh, Shunza, Rene Liu Jo-Ying Rene Liu Jo-Ying, Sarah Chen Shu-Hua, Chi Yu New Taiwan Women 1999.01.01 CD + VCD
Chen Chi-Cheng Chen Chi-Cheng "Cheer", Yuki Hsu Huai-Yu Yuki Hsu Huai-Yu, Yang Nai-Wen Yang Nai-Wen, Liang Ching-Ju Liang Ching-Ju, Park Ji Yoon Park Ji Yoon / Po Zhi-Yin Po Zhi-Yin (Korean), Karen Mok Wen-Wei Karen Mok Wen-Wei, Angelina Lee Hsin-Chieh Angelina Lee Hsin-Chieh, Sandee Chen Shan-Ni Sandee Chen Shan-Ni, As One (Korean), Chin hsiu Chin hsiu, Jyotsna Peng Ching-Hui Jyotsna Peng Ching-Hui, Tarcy Su Hui-Lun Tarcy Su Hui-Lun, Rene Liu Jo-Ying Rene Liu Jo-Ying Huayang Nianhua / Fayeung Ninwa / Year's Variety 2001.05.29 CD + VCD
Various: Coco Lee, Others Mulan Soundtrack (Mandarin Chinese) 1998 CD

Artist Title Year Format
Anime Soundtrack Akira 1988 CD, Cassette
Anime Soundtrack Area 88   Cassette
Hayashibara Megumi Blue Seed - “Touch and Go”   MP3
Anime Soundtrack Bubblegum Crisis: Vocal Collection Vol. 1   CD
Anime Soundtrack Bubblegum Crisis: Vocal Collection Vol. 2   CD
Hayashibara Megumi Various anime and other tracks   MP3
Anime Soundtrack Kiki's Delivery Service   CD
Anime Soundtrack Kimagure Orange Road   Cassette
Anime Soundtrack Laputa: Castle in the Sky   CD
Anime Soundtrack Macross   CD
Anime Soundtrack Megazone 23   Cassette
Anime Soundtrack Megazone 23: Part II   Cassette
Anime Soundtrack Megazone 23: Part III   Cassette
Anime Soundtracks Miyazaki Hayao: Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, and Tonari no Totoro   CD
Anime Soundtrack Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind   CD
Ranma 1/2 Ranma 1/2   Cassette
Opening Theme Song Collection 1998 CD
Closing Theme Song Collection 1998 CD
BGM Soundtrack Robotech   LP, Cassette
BGM Soundtrack and Vocal Collection Robotech Perfect Collection   CD (signed by Carl Macek)
Hayashibara Megumi Slayers - “Give a Reason”   MP3
Random Ninjas      
Utada Hikaru Utada Hikaru Automatic / Time Will Tell 1998.12.9 CD Single
Movin' on Without You 1999.2.17 CD Single
First Love 1999.3.10 CD
First Love Maxi-Single 1999.4.28 CD
Addicted to You Maxi-Single 1999.11.10 CD
UH1: Single Clip Collection Volume 1 1999.12.16 VHS
UH1: Single Clip Collection Volume 1 1999.12.22 VCD
1999 2 CDs
Wait & See ~Risk~ Maxi-Single 2000.4.19 CD
For You / Time Maxi-Single 2000.6.30 CD
Wait & See ~Risk~ 2000.6.30 VCD, VHS

Artist Title Year Format
Baby V.O.X (Voice of Xpression) Baby V.O.X 3rd: Come Come Come Baby 1999 CD
Show Me Lovable Girls 1999 VCD
baby V.O.X 2000.08.13 VCD
Bijou 2: Love Is 1999 CD
Official Site Wikipedia Japanese Website Chinese Site
5 November 1986, Guri, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Volume 5: Girls on Top 2005 CD+VCD
Fin.K.L (Fine Killing Liberty) Blue Rain 1998 CD
2: White 05/1999 CD
Fin.K.L 2.5: S.P.E.C.I.A.L 12/1999 CD
Music Video Collection / HISTORY 1999 VCD
1999 First Live Concert 1999 VCD, VHS
2000 The Second Live Concert 2000 VCD, VHS
갱키즈 Gangkiz Wikipedia 미니앨범 Mini Album Vol. 1집 - We Became Gang + 지관통 포스터 Poster in Tube 2012.05.28 CD + 지관통 포스터 Poster in Tube
Kim Hyun Jung Kim Hyun Jung 1 / G Nyo Wa Eui Lee Byul 1998 CD
Kim Hyun Jung 2 1999.04 CD
Kim Hyun Jung 3 2000.05.01 ECD
Kim Hyun Jung 1020 Mix 2000.12.06 2 CDs
O 24 Growing Up 2000.09.01 CD
Park Ji Yoon Park Ji Yoon Forever Park Ji Yoon / Best 2000.06 CD
4 2000.08.01 CD
S.E.S. [Sea (Bada) & Eugene & Shoo]
Choi Sung-Hee "Sea", Eugene Kim & Soo Young-Soo "Shoo"
S.E.S: I'm Your Girl (Vol. 1) 1997.11 CD
S.E.S. 2 (Sea & Eugene & Shoo) 1998.10.21 CD
Dreams Come True (VHS) 1999 VHS
Dreams Come True (VCD) 1999 VCD
S.E.S. 3 Love 1999.10.01 CD
T.O.P. (Twinkling of Paradise) () (Japanese Version) 1999.11.01 CD Single
Sign of Love 1999.12.08 CD Single
S.E.S. Vol. 2 S.E.S. with Love S.E.S. with Love glossy photo album 2000.01 Book
2000 S.E.S. First Concert: A Sweet Kiss from the World of Dream (VCD) 2000 VCD
Itsumademo Onje Kajina (Japanese Version) 2000.04.01 CD Maxi-Single
Lovin' You (Japanese Version) 2000.08.01 CD Maxi-Single
Here & There Single Collection (Japanese Version) 2001.03.16 CD
[Surprise] & S.E.S. 2001 Album / [Surprise] Sea & Eugene & Shoo 2001 CD + Photo Album
S.E.S. Vol. 5 - Choose My Life - U 2002.02.15 CD
씨스타 Sistar
1st 싱글앨범 Single Album - Push Push 2010.06.07 CD
2nd 싱글앨범 Single Album - 가식걸 Shady Girl 2010.08 CD
3번째 싱글앨범 Single Album - 니까짓게 2010.11 CD
Vol. 1 집 - So Cool 2011.08.11 CD
미니앨범 Mini Album Vol. 1집 - Alone (Special Edition) + 지관통 포스터 Poster in Tube 2012.04.17 CD + Poster in Tube
Space A Space A 1999.08 CD
Power Secondary 2000.07 ECD
Uhm Jung Hwa Uhm Jung Hwa / Eum Joung Wha Cyber Eroticus Live Concert Cyber Eroticus Live Concert 01/2000 VCD
Cyber Eroticus Live Concert 2 07/2000 VCD
Y.G. Family Best of Album+VCD 1999 CD, VCD

Artist Title Year Format
Christina Aguilera Mi Reflejo 2000.09.12 CD
Cristian Castro Agua Nueva 1992 CD
Sheena Easton Todo Me Recuerda a Ti 1988 CD
Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine Anything for You (Spanish Version) 1989 7" Single
Homecoming Concert (Video) Final concert of the Let It Loose tour. Includes Medleys: Baila Conmigo/A Toda Maquina/Dingui-Li-Bangue and No Sera Facil/Me Enamore/Renacer 1989 VHS
Cuts Both Ways 1989 LP, CD
Get On Your Feet / Words Get in the Way (Live from The Homecoming Concert) 1989 Single
Oye Mi Canto (English Version/Spanish Version) 1989/1990 Single
Si Voy a Perderte 1989 Single
Radio Interview on Hitline U.S.A. 1990.02.18 Cassette
Gipsy Kings     CD
Grupo Limite Por Puro Amor 1995 CD
Instrumental 1998 CD
En Vivo-En Concierto 1999.09.28 2 CDs
Alejandra Guzman     CD
Enrique Iglesias
8 May 1975, Madrid, Spain
Escape 2001.10.30 CD
Lucero Piel de Angel 1997.04.22 CD
Carino de Mis Carinos 1997.08.26 CD
Solo Pienso en Ti 1997.08.26 CD
Serie Millennium 21 1999.08.10 CD
Magneto     CD
Martika     CD
Mecano     CD
Miami Sound Machine     CD
Paulina Rubio La Chica Dorada 1992 CD
Planeta Paulina 1996 CD
El Tiempo es Oro 1998.06.20 CD
Paulina 2000.05.23 CD
Top Hits 2000.07.18 CD
I'm So in Love-Grandes Exitos 2001.11.20 CD
Border Girl 2002.06.18 CD
Safire     CD
Santana Sacred Fire: Santana Live in South America 1993.11.02 CD
Supernatural 1999.06.15 CD
Shaman 2002.10.22 CD
Selena     CD
Shakira Pies Descalzos 1996.04 CD
Megamixes 1997.10.21 CD
Donde Estan Los Ladrones 1998.09.29 CD
MTV Unplugged 2000.02.29 CD
Laundry Service 2001.11.13 CD
Thalia En Extasis 1995.10 CD
Amor a la Mexicana 1997.07.01 CD
Mis Mejores Momentos 1998.04.21 CD
Jugo de Exitos 1998.10.20 2 CDs
Serie Millennium 21 1999.08.10 2 CDs
Arrasando 2000.04.25 CD
Banda Thalia Grandes Exitos 2001.08.28 CD
Las Triplets     CD
Xuxa     CD
Yuri     CD

Artist Title Year Format
t.A.T.u. tatugirls.com Official U.S. Website
Unofficial English Fan site
MTV.com News Article and Video
2002 CD
2002 CD
2002 CD
All the Things She Said 2002.09.11 ECD Maxi-Single
200 km/h in the Wrong Lane 2002.12.10 ECD
All the Things She Said Remixes (Promotional 12" Single) 2002 12" Single

Artist Title Year Format
Carolyn Arends I Can Hear You 1995 CD
Feel Free 1997.03.11 CD
This Much I Understand 1999.03.23 CD
Seize the Day & Other Stories 2000.04.18 CD
Susan Ashton, Margaret Becker, Christine Denté Along the Road 1994 CD (2 copies)
Susan Ashton Angels of Mercy 1992 CD
Susan Ashton 1993 CD
So Far: The Best of Susan Ashton Volume 1 1995 CD (2 copies)
Margaret Becker The Reckoning 1988 CD
Immigrant's Daughter 1989 CD
Simple House 1991 CD
Lisa Bevill All Because of You 1994 CD
Carman     CD
Steven Curtis Chapman     CD
Dakota Motor Company Welcome Race Fans 1994 CD
DC Talk Jesus Freak 1995.11.21 CD
Brian Duncan     CD
Michael English     CD
Geoff Moore and the Distance     CD
Amy Grant Home for Christmas 1992 CD
Kim Hill Kim Hill 1988 CD
Talk About Life 1989 CD
Brave Heart 1991 CD
Cheri Keaggy Child of the Father 1994 CD
My Faith Will Stay 1996 CD
What Matters Most 1997 CD
There is Joy in the World 1999 ECD
Crystal Lewis     CD
Rich Mullins     CD
Newsboys     CD
Out of the Grey     CD
Twila Paris     CD
Sandi Patti     CD
Point of Grace     CD
Sixpence None the Richer     CD
Michael W. Smith     CD
Chris Tomlin Arriving 2004.09.21 CD

Various Artists
Artists Title Year Format
Michael W. Smith, Al Green, David Meece, Bryan Duncan, Amy Grant/Sandi Patti, First Call, Mylon Lefevre, Kim Hill/Phil Keaggy, Russ Taff, Roberta Flack Our Christmas 1990 CD
Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, DC Talk, Steven Curtis Chapman, Sandi Patti, 4Him, Twila Paris, Michael English, Petra, Newsboys, Rich Mullins, Bryan Duncan, PFR, Steve Taylor, Geoff Moore & the Distance, Al Denson, Carman Hot CCM Tracks 1994 CD
Susan Ashton, Christine Denté, Margaret Becker, Twila Paris, Kim Hill, Cheri Keaggy, Janna Potter, Sierra, Nichole Nordeman, Michelle Tumes Listen to Our Hearts, Vol. 1 1998 CD
Passion Worship Band: Chris Tomlin, Christy Nockels, Kristian Stanfill, Charlie Hall, Matt Redman, David Crowder Band Passion: Everything Glorious 2006.04.06 CD

Movie Scores
Composer Title Year Format
Hans Zimmer Beyond Rangoon 1994 CD
James Horner Braveheart 1995 CD
Rachel Portman The Cider House Rules 1999 CD
Ken Burns' The Civil War 1990 CD
Hans Zimmer Crimson Tide 1995 CD
Tan Dun Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2000 CD
Randy Edelman Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story 1993 CD
John Williams Empire of the Sun 1987 CD
Far and Away 1992 CD
Jerry Goldsmith First Blood 1982 CD
Trevor Jones G.I. Jane 1997 CD
Nino Rota & Carmine Coppola The Godfather Part III 1990 Cassette, CD
Ennio Morricone The Good, the Bad & the Ugly 1967 CD
Kodo The Hunted 1995 CD
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) Immortal Beloved 1994 CD
John Williams Jurassic Park 1992 CD
Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman Last of the Mohicans 1992 CD
Nick Glennie-Smith The Man in the Iron Mask 1998 CD
Don Davis The Matrix 1999 CD
Ennio Morricone Ennio Morricone: The Legendary Italian Westerns 1990 CD
Hans Zimmer Point of No Return 1993 CD
Rain Man 1989 Cassette, CD
Nick Glennie-Smith & Hans Zimmer The Rock 1996 CD
Bill Conti Rocky 1976 LP, CD
John Williams Star Wars: A New Hope 1977, 1997 2 CDs
The Empire Strikes Back 1980, 1997 2 CDs
Return of the Jedi 1983, 1997 2 CDs
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 1999 CD
Basil Poledouris Starship Troopers 1997 CD
James Horner Titanic 1997 CD
Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks 1990 CD

Artist Title Year Format
Jessica Andrews
Jessica Danielle Andrews
29 December 1983, Huntingdon, TN
I Will Be There For You 1999.02.02 CD Maxi Single
Heart Shaped World 1999.03.23 CD
Unbreakable Heart 2000.03.21 CD Maxi Single
Who I Am 2001.02.27 ECD
Now 2003.03.18 ECD
Susan Ashton Closer 1999 CD
Faith of the Heart 1999 CD Single
Laura Cantrell Not the Tremblin' Kind 2000.09.15 CD
Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces 1998.01.27 CD
Fly 1999.08.31 CD
Home 2002.08.27 CD
Kathleen Edwards Failer 2003.01.14 MP3
Sara Evans Three Chords and the Truth 1997.07.01 CD
No Place That Far 1998.10.27 CD
No Place That Far / Cryin’ Game 1998 CD Single
Cryin’ Game / Wait a Minute 1998 CD Single
Born to Fly 2000.10.10 CD
Faith Hill Take Me as I Am 1994 CD
It Matters to Me 1995 CD
Faith 1998.04.21 CD
Breathe 1999.09.09 CD
Cry 2002.10.15 ECD
Rebecca Lynn Howard Forgive 2002 CD
The Mavericks What a Crying Shame 1994 CD
Music for All Occasions 1995 CD
Trampoline 1998 CD
Reba McEntire Reba McEntire 1977 CD
Feel the Fire 1980 CD
Heart to Heart 1981 CD
Behind the Scene 1983 CD
Just a Little Love 1984 CD
Best of Reba McEntire 1985 CD
Have I Got a Deal for You 1985 CD
My Kind of Country 1986 CD
Reba Nell McEntire 1986 CD
What Am I Gonna Do About You 1986 CD
Whoever's in New England 1986 CD
Greatest Hits 1987 CD
Last One to Know 1987 CD
Reba 1988 CD
Merry Christmas to You 1988 CD
Live 1989 CD
Sweet Sixteen 1989 CD
Rumor Has It 1990 CD
For My Broken Heart 1991 CD
It's Your Call 1992 CD
Vol. 2-Greatest Hits 1993 CD
Oklahoma Girl 1994 CD
Read My Mind 1994 CD
Starting Over 1995 CD
What If It's You 1996 CD
Behind the Scene 1998 CD
If You See Him 1998 CD
Out of a Dream 1998 CD
Secret of Giving: A Christmas Collection 1999 CD
So Good Together 1999 CD
Allison Paige The End of the World 2000 CD Single
Julie Reeves Trouble is a Woman 1999 CD Single
LeAnn Rimes
28 August 1982, Jackson, MS
Blue 1996 CD
One Way Ticket (Because I Can) Music Video 1996 MPEG
Early Years -- Unchained Melody 1997.02.11 CD
How Do I Live (Music Video) 1997.05.27 MPEG
You Light Up My Life -- Inspirational Songs 1997.09.09 CD
Amazing Grace (Acapella) Music Video 1997.09.09 MPEG
Sittin' on Top of the World 1998.05.05 CD
LeAnn Rimes 1999.10.26 CD
I Need You 2001.01.30 CD
Twisted Angel 2002.10.01 CD
Cyndi Thomson My World 2001.07.31 ECD
Darryl Worley Have You Forgotten? 2003.04.15 CD
The Wreckers
Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp
Stand Still, Look Pretty 2006.05.23 CD
Chely Wright
Concert Ticket 04/14/02
Right in the Middle of It 1996.02 CD
Women in the Moon 1996.04.20 CD
Let Me In 1997.09.09 CD
Single White Female 1999.05.18 CD
Never Love You Enough 2001.09.25 CD

Various Artists
Artists Title Year Format
Neal McCoy, Wylie & The Wild West Show, Lari White, The Subdudes, Don Cox, Duke Levine, Mary Karlzen--I’d Be Lying, Freedy Johnson, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Shenandoah, Tom Paxton, Cynthia Clawson New Country: February 1995 1995 CD

Artist Title Year Format
Soundtrack: Don Davis, The Crystal Method, BT, Bedrock, Parrot, Darude, Curve, Andy Hunter, Sasha, Barry Taylor Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever 2002.10.01 CD
Soundtrack: Patti LaBelle, Shalamar, Junior, Rockie Robbins, Pointer Sisters, Glenn Frey, Danny Elfman, Patti LaBelle, The System, Harold Faltermeyer Beverly Hills Cop 1984 LP, Cassette, CD
Soundtrack Blade 1998.08.18 CD
Soundtrack Carlito's Way 1993 CD
Soundtrack: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee Zellweger, Taye Diggs, John C. Reilly, Queen Latifah, Susan Misner, Deidre Goodwin, Richard Gere, Christine Baranski, Cleve Asbury, Shaun Amyot, Danny Elfmann, Lil' Kim, Macy Gray, Anastacia Chicago 2003.01.14 CD
Soundtrack Circle of Friends   CD
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: The System, The Cover Girls, Chico DeBarge, Michael Rodgers, Mèl & Kim, LeVert, J.J. Fad, Sister Sledge, Nona Hendrix, Laura Branigian & Joe Esposito Coming to America 1997 Cassette, CD
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Music Composed by Tan Dun. Cello Solos by Yo-Yo Ma. Theme Song Performed by Coco Lee. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2000 CD
Soundtrack Fame   LP, CD
Soundtrack Flashdance   LP, CD
Soundtrack Grease   LP, CD
The Album Great Expectations 1997 CD
Soundtrack Grosse Pointe Blank   CD
Rick Springfield Hard to Hold Soundtrack 1984 LP, CD
Music from the Motion Picture The Last Days of Disco 1998 CD
An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack: Hilary Duff, Atomic Kitten, Cooler Kids, Jump5, Vitamin C, LMNT, The Beu Sisters, Taylor Dayne, Dean Martin, Haylie Duff, Cliff Eidelman The Lizzie McGuire Movie 2003.04.22 ECD
Soundtrack Miami Vice   LP, Cassette, CD
Soundtrack Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Master   CD
Soundtrack Now and Then 1995 CD
Soundtrack Rain Man   Cassette, CD
Soundtrack Saturday Night Fever   LP, 2 CDs
School House Rock America Rock 1997 CD
Remy Zero-Save Me Smallville Theme 2001 MP3
Soundtrack Some Kind of Wonderful   LP, Cassette, CD
Soundtrack Swordfish 2001.06.05 CD
Classic TV Show Themes Television's Greatest Hits   CD
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack -- Special Expanded Edition: Kenny Loggins, Cheap Trick, Teena Marie, Berlin, Miami Sound Machine, Loverboy, Larry Greene, Marietta, Harold Faltermeyer, Otis Redding, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Righteous Brothers Top Gun 1986 LP, Cassette, CD
Music from the Motion Picture: Heart, Todd Rundgren, Sloan, Air, The Hollies, Al Green, Gilbert O'Sullivan, 10cc, Styx The Virgin Suicides 2000 CD
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: Madonna, Duncan Faure, Club Nouveau, Michael Davidson, Scritti Politti, Coati Mundi Who's That Girl 1987 LP, CD
Soundtrack Working Girl   Cassette, CD

Celtic / Irish
Artist Title Year Format
B*Witched B*Witched with Bonus VCD 1998 CD, VCD
Maire Brennan     CD
The Chieftains A Chieftains Celebration 1989 CD
The Bells of Dublin 1991 CD
The Best of the Chieftains 1992 CD
Another Country 1992 CD
Clannad Anam 1992 CD
The Corrs Forgiven Not Forgotten 1996 CD
Talk on Corners 1999.02.16 CD
What Can I Do 1999 CD Single
In Blue 2000.09.12 CD
The Cranberries     CD
Enya     CD
Flogging Molly Drunken Lullabies 2002.03.19 CD
U2     CD

Electronic / Techno / Dance / House / Trance
Artist Title Year Format
Alice Deejay Who Needs Guitars Anyway? 2000.03.28 CD
DJ Amanda     MP3s
Amber Naked 2002.08.20 CD
Astroline Close My Eyes (Single) Mixes: Breakbeat, Club, DJ Crazy Diesel, DJ Greddy, Lasgo, DJ Pup, DJ Septik 2001.05.15 MP3s
Angels (Lasgo), Feel the Fire, Take Good Care (DJ Brat)   MP3s
ATB     MPEG, MP3s
Basement Jaxx Atlantic Jaxx Recordings 1997.11.10 CD
Remedy 1999.08.03 CD
Rooty 2001.06.26 CD
Where S Your Head At (EP) 2001.12.11 CD
Soundtrack: Don Davis, The Crystal Method, BT, Bedrock, Parrot, Darude, Curve, Andy Hunter, Sasha, Barry Taylor Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever 2002.10.01 CD
Soundtrack Blade 1998.08.18 CD
BT Movement in Still Life: Special Edition (Asian Import) 2000 2 CDs
Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust 1995.08.15 CD
Leave Home (Underground Mix) 1995 CD
Life is Sweet 1995.10.19 CD Single
Leave Home 1995 CD Single
Loops of Fury 1996.03.13 CD
Setting Sun 1996.09.30 CD Single
Leave Home (EP) 1997.02.07 CD
Block Rockin' Beats 1997.03.25 CD Single
Dig Your Own Hole 1997.04.07 CD
Elektrobank 1997.09.02 CD Single
Brothers Gonna Work It Out 1998.09.22 CD
Hey Boy Hey Girl 1999.06.01 CD Single
Surrender 1999.06.22 CD
Let Forever Be 1999.08.03 CD Single
Out of Control 1999.10.12 CD Single
Response 2000.03.28 CD Single
Music: Response (EP) 2000.09.21 CD
It Began in Afrika 2001.09.11 CD Single
Star Guitar 2002.01.15 CD Single
Come With Us 2002.01.29 CD
Come With Us / The Test 2002.05.14 CD Single
DJ Ricky Corbo Webster Hall's New York Dance CD Volume 4 2000 CD
The Crystal Method Keep Hope Alive (EP) 1996 CD
Vegas 1997.09.08 CD
Tweekend 2001.07.31 CD
You Know It's Hard 2001.11 CD Maxi Single
Da Buzz Let Me Love You 2001.03.27 CD Single
Da Sound 2001.05.22 CD
Darude Before the Storm 2000.09.18 CD
DJ David X Housenation Vol. 1: House for the New Millenium (Promo) 2000.03 CD
Housenation Vol. 2: House for Body, Mind and Soul (Promo) 2001.03 MP3
House Promo 2001.07 MP3
Diesel Boy     CD
Dirty Vegas Dirty Vegas 2002.06.04 CD
Diana Fox Running on Empty 2001.08.21 MP3s
Sail Away 2001.09.03 MP3s
Lucky Star, Where are You Now?   MP3s
Hex Hector     MP3s
Kay Cee Escape 2000.08.29 CD Maxi Single
Kraftwerk The Mix 1991 CD
Lasgo Something (Single) Mixes: Club, Extended, Trance, Astroline, Flip & Fill, Jimmy Goldschmitz, Peter Lutz, DJ Tinman & Ming 2001.11.10 MP3s
Something (Music Video) 2001.11.10 MPEG
Some Things (Album) 2001.11.20 MP3s
Alone (Single) Mixes: Radio, DJ Cyrax, Hiver & Hammer, Ian Van Dahl 2002.05.13 MP3s
Alone (Music Video) 2002.05.13 MPEG
Pray (Single) Mixes: Extended 2002.11.18 MP3s
Pray (Live) 2002.11.18 MPEG
Alone & Something (Live at TMF Awards 2002) 2002 MPEG
Soundtrack The Matrix 1999 CD
Moby MobySongs 1993-1998 2000.07.11 CD
Soundtrack Mortal Kombat 1995 CD
Paul Oakenfold Perfection: Perfecto Compilation 1996 CD
Global Underground: Oslo 1997 CD
New York 1998 CD
Tranceport 1998 CD
Global Underground 002: New York 1999 CD
Perfecto Presents Another World 2000 CD
Perfecto Presents Traveling 2000.10.30 2 CDs
Roots of Paul Oakenfold 2000 CD
Ibiza 2001 CD
A Voyage into Trance: Mixed by Paul Oakenfold -- A Non-Stop DJ Mix 2001 CD
Oslo 2001 CD
Swordfish Soundtrack 2001.06.05 CD
Live in Oslo   CD
Bust a Groove 2002 CD
William Orbit The Best of Strange Cargos 1996 CD
Mauro Picotto Iguana (ATB Mix) 2000.07.03 MPEG
Various Artists/Mixed by Dave Seaman Renaissance Awakening   2 CDs
DJ Sammy Heaven 2002.08.06 CD
t.A.T.u. / Mark! / DJ Monk All the Things She Said Remixes (Promotional 12" Single) 2002 12" Single
Paul Van Dyke     CDs, MP3s

Artist Title Year Format
Ella Fitzgerald Greatest Hits   CD
Billie Holiday Billie's Best: Selections from The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve 1945-1959 (10 CD Box Set) 1992 CD
Norah Jones Come Away with Me (with Bonus CD) (Import) 2002.02.26 ECD
Diana Krall Stepping Out (Remastered) 1992 CD
Only Trust Your Heart 1994.09.13 CD
All for You: A Dedication to The Nat King Cole Trio 1995.10.03 CD
Love Scenes 1997.08.26 CD
When I Look in Your Eyes 1999.06.08 CD
The Look of Love 2001.09.18 CD
Live in Paris 2002.10.01 CD

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