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Guan Jun-Wing

Course Work • Classes I Have Taken • Skills


  • World History
  • Western Civilization
  • Modern Political Ideologies
  • American History
  • Civil War: Reconstruction and Popular Culture
  • Comparative World Politics
  • American Foreign Policy
  • United State Foreign Policy: Regional Security
  • Ancient Chinese History
  • History of the Silk Road in China and Japan
  • Modern Chinese History
  • End of the Chinese Empire: 1800-1911
  • 20th Century China and Cultural History: Shanghai Films 1920-1935
  • China in War and Revolution 1911-1949
  • Politics of the Chinese Revolution
  • Ancient Japanese History
  • Modern Japanese History
  • World War II
  • Fifteen Year War in Asia and the Pacific: 1931-1945
  • Postwar Japan
  • The Atomic Bomb and the Atomic Age
  • Asian Ameerican History
  • The Vietnam War: American Involvement in Vietnam, 1945-1975
  • Russian History: The Formation of the Russian Empire, Ninth Century to 1855
  • Ancient Greek Civilization
  • European Reformation
  • The Atlantic World, 1400-1800
  • The Scientific Revolution
  • Latin American History: Lord and Peasant in Latin America (From Columbus to the Chiapas Zapatistas)
  • History of Brazil
  • Cinema in Latin America
  • History of the Third World and Hollywood
  • New Imperialism to Decolonization
  • Others


  • Experience and familiarity with a variety of computer operating systems including: UNIX, MS-DOS, Windows 95, NT 4, 98, 2000, Me, XP, Linux, and Macintosh OS 6-X
  • Skilled capability in popular software applications in Word Processing (Word Perfect, Microsoft Word), Database (dBIII, Microsoft Access), Spreadsheets (Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel), Desktop Publishing applications like QuarkXPress and Adobe PageMaker, and other computer applications (Macromedia Dreamweaver, etc.)
  • Graphic Design (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.)
  • Knowledge of BASIC, Fortran, Pascal, COBOL, Visual Basic, C, C++, HTML, and Java programming languages
  • MCSE+Internet Certification (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)
  • HTML and Web Design and Development
  • Networking / TCP/IP
  • Likes working with other people; and works well with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Has interest and enthusiasm in this field and enjoys working to meet challenges and goals
  • Foreign languages spoken: Cantonese Chinese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish


  • BASIC Programming
  • PASCAL Programming
  • C Programming
  • UNIX Operating System
  • Internet
  • HTML
  • Windows NT
  • Others

"To him who acts on proper principle, the reward is in the struggle more than in victory itself."
— John C. Calhoun

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