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Guan Jun-Wing

Issue Papers

Issues:   Biology   |   Economics   |   Environment   |   Foreign Affairs   |   History

Issues, papers, and articles are being added as my time permits. If by chance you are curious as to my opinion and thoughts on a certain issue, just ask me. Chances are I wrote something about it.


Dinosaur Extinction Theories   by Calvin W. Lew


Free Trade
Trade and the Rise of Freedom


Global Warming
The Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming

Foreign Affairs

The National Security Strategy of the United States of America, September 2002

U.S.-Asian Relations
Free Trade, Individual Liberty & China   by Calvin W. Lew


American History
That Noble Dream: The "Objectivity Question" and the American Historical Profession   by Calvin W. Lew
Asian History
The Meiji Restoration   by Calvin W. Lew
Reinventing Japan   by Calvin W. Lew
The New Asian Capitalists   by Calvin W. Lew
Race, Racism and Ethnic Prejudice in the Fifteen-Year War in Asia and the Pacific   by Calvin W. Lew

"To him who acts on proper principle, the reward is in the struggle more than in victory itself."
— John C. Calhoun

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