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Calvin’s Record List

Music Genre:   Chinese   |   Japanese   |   Korean   |   Spanish   |   Russian   |   Christian   |   Movie Scores   |   Classical   |   Country   |   Soundtracks   |   Celtic / Irish   |   Electronic / Techno / Dance / House/ Trance   |   Jazz   |   Pop / Rock / Etcetera   |   Hip-Hop / Rap

Pop / Rock / Etcetera
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Artist Title Year Format
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip 2000 CD
Ace of Base Happy Nation 1993 CD
The Sign 1993 CD
The Bridge 1995 CD
Cruel Summer 1998 CD
Flowers 1998 CD
Greatest Hits 2000 CD
Ashanti Ashanti 2002 CD
Chapter II 2003 CD
Bryan Adams Cuts Like a Knife 1983.01 LP, CD
Reckless 1984 LP, Cassette, CD
Christina Aguilera Genie in a Bottle 1999 CD Single
Christina Aguilera 1999.08.24 CD
What a Girl Wants 1999.12.28 CD Single
Mi Reflejo 2000.09.12 CD
My Kind of Christmas 2000.10.24 CD
Stripped 2002.10.29 CD
Alien Ant Farm ANThology 2001.03.06 CD
Smooth Criminal (Import) 2001.09.17 ECD Single
Aly & AJ
Alyson Michalka, 25 March 1989, Torrance, CA
Amanda Joy Michalka, 10 April 1991, Torrance, CA
Into the Rush 2005.08.16 ECD
Angela Ammons Angela Ammons 2001.09.25 CD
Fiona Apple When the Pawn 1999.11.09 CD
A-Teens The ABBA Generation 2000.03.11 CD
Teen Spirit 2001.02.27 CD
DVD Collection 2001.11.13 DVD
Pop Til You Drop 2002.06.18 CD
Perfect Match (Import) 2003 CD Single
Atomic Kitten Be With You (CD Single), Eternal Flame (Blacksmith R&B Remix), The Tide is High (Get the Feeling) (Radio Edit & Lasgo Remix), The Way that You Are, Whole Again (Single), You Are 2001-2003 MP3s
The Tide is High (Get the Feeling) Music Video 2003.04.22 MPEG
Atomic Kitten 2003.04.22 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Bangles 1982 EP, Cassette, CD3
All Over the Place 1984 LP, Cassette, CD
Different Light 1986 LP, Cassette, CD
Hazy Shade of Winter 1987 7" Single, 12" Single
Everything 1988 LP, Cassette, CD
Greatest Hits 1994-1990 CD, VHS
Basia Time & Tide 1987 Cassette, CD
London Warsaw New York 1990 CD
A New Day 1990 VHS
Brave New Hope 1991 CD
Sweetest Illusions 1994 CD
Basia on Broadway 1995 CD
The Beatles The Beatles 1 2000.11.14 CD
Belly Star 1993.02.02 CD
Feed the Tree 1993.04.22 CD Single
Moon 1993 CD Maxi Single
Are You Experienced 1994.06.03 CD Single
King 1995.02.14 CD
Now They'll Sleep 1995.07.03 CD Single
Sweet Ride: The Best of Belly 2002.06.18 CD
Pat Benatar In the Heat of the Night 1979 LP
Crimes of Passion 1980 LP
Precious Time 1981 LP
Get Nervous 1982 LP
Live from Earth 1983 LP
Tropico 1984 LP, Cassette
Seven the Hard Way 1985 LP
Wide Awake in Dreamland 1988 LP, Cassette, CD
Best Shots 1989 LP, Cassette, CD
True Love 1991 CD
Gravity's Rainbow 1993 CD
Innamorata 1997 CD
All Fired Up: The Very Best of Pat Benatar   2 CDs
Björk Debut 1993 CD
Big Time Sensuality 1993 CD Single
Post 1995 CD
Telegram 1996 CD
Hyper-Ballad 1996.03.12 CD Maxi Single (2 copies)
Homogenic 1997 CD
Blur 13 1999 CD
Andrea Bocelli Romanza 1996 CD
Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet 1986.08 LP, CD
Cross Road 1994.10.18 CD
Taryn Manning, 6 November 1978
Kellin Manning (older brother)
2001 Demos 2001 MP3s, RA
The Wreckoning Music Video 2003 MPG, AVI
The Wreckoning [Radio Edit, DJ Quik Remix featuring Mystic (Clean)] 2003.03.04 CD Single
Boomkatalog One 2003.04.08 ECD
Michelle Branch
Maverick Records Site
Official Site
Personal Site
Spirit Room Bar, Jerome, AZ

Michelle Jacquet Branch
2 July 1983, Flagstaff, AZ
Spirit Room 2001.08.14 ECD
Spirit Room (+1 Bonus Track) (Japanese Import) 2001.09.19 ECD
Everywhere (Import) 2001.09.21 CD Single
All You Wanted (Import) 2002.04.12 CD Single
Everywhere (Music Video) 2001 MPEG
All You Wanted (Music Video) 2002 MPEG
Are You Happy Now? (Music Video) 2003.05.28 MPEG
Hotel Paper 2003.06.24 CD
Santana featuring Michelle Branch The Game of Love Music Video 2002.10.22 MPEG
The Game of Love Live at the VMAs Latin America 2002 2002.10.22 MPEG
The Wreckers
Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp
Stand Still, Look Pretty 2006.05.23 CD
Sarah Brightman The Songs that Got Away 1989 CD
Dive 1993 CD
The Andrew Lloyd Webber Collection 1997 CD
Eden 1998 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Cake Fashion Nugget 1996 CD
The Calling Camino Palmero 2001.07.10 CD
Laura Cantrell Not the Tremblin' Kind 2000.09.15 CD
Belinda Carlisle Belinda 1986 LP, Cassette, CD
Heaven on Earth 1988 LP, Cassette, CD
Runaway Horses 1989 LP, Cassette, CD
Her Greatest Hits 1992 CD
Live Your Life Be Free   CD
Place on Earth: Greatest Hits   CD
A Woman and a Man   CD
Vanessa Carlton
16 August 1980, Mitford, PA
A Thousand Miles 2002.02.12 ECD Single
But Not Nobody 2002.04.11 CD
A Thousand Miles (Import) 2002.05.27 ECD Single
The Cars Greatest Hits 1985 CD
Anthology: Just What I Needed 1978-1987 2 CDs
Craig Chaquico Acoustic Planet 1994 CD
Chicago 17 1984 LP, Cassette, CD
Greatest Hits Vol.3: 1982-1989 1989.11.03 CD
Melanie C Northern Star 1999 CD
Eric Clapton Greatest Hits 1999 CD
Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Brianne Clarkson
24 April 1982 (coincidentally same date as Calvin W. Lew, albeit a few years later), Burleson, TX
American Idol performances, Star-Spangled Banner, etc.   MP3s
Before Your Love/A Moment Like This (CD-Single) 2002.09.17 MP3s
Thankful 2003.04.15 CD
Phil Collins
30 January 1951, London, England, UK
Face Value 1981 LP, Cassette, CD
Hello, I Must Be Going 1982 LP, Cassette, CD
No Jacket Required (The first LP I ever bought, along with Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms) 1985 LP, Cassette, CD
12"ers 1987 CD
The Cranberries Everybody Else is Doing It So Why Can't We? 1993.04.20 CD
No Need to Argue 1994 CD
Ode to My Family 1994 CD Maxi-Single
To the Faithful Departed 1996.10.02 CD
Bury the Hatchet 1999.04.27 CD
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee 2001.10.23 CD
Sheryl Crow and Friends Live from Central Park   With: Eric Clapton, Dixie Chicks, Chrissie Hynde, Sarah McLachlan, Bill Murray, Stevie Nicks, and Keith Richards 1999.12.07 CD
Culture Club At Worst... The Best of Boy George and Culture Club 1993 CD
The Cure     Cassette, MP3s
Cynthia Cynthia 198? (Mid to Late '80s?) CD


Artist Title Year Format
Dance Hall Crashers The Old Record 1989-1992 CD
Honey, I'm Homely! 1997 CD
Def Leppard Compilation 1981-1999 1981-1999 CD
The Delphines Delphines 1996 CD
Cosmic Speed 2002 CD
Cathy Dennis     LP, CD
Depeche Mode     CD, MP3s
Dido Armstrong
25 December 1971, London, England, UK
No Angel 1999.06.01 CD
White Flag (Single) 2003.07.07 MP3
Life for Rent 2003.09.30 CD
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms (The first LP I ever bought, along with Phil Collins' No Jacket Required) 1985.05 LP, Cassette, CD
On the Night 1993 CD, MP3
Hilary Duff
28 September 1987, Houston, TX
Lizzie McGuire Soundtrack 2002.08.13 CD
Santa Claus Lane 2002.10.15 CD
Why Not (Music Video) 2003.04 MPEG, Real Video
The Lizzie McGuire Movie Soundtrack 2003.04.22 CD
Why Not (Import) 2003.06.16 ECD Single
So Yesterday 2003.07.29 CD Single
Metamorphosis 2003.08.26 CD
Duran Duran Duran Duran 1981 LP, CD
Rio 1982 LP, CD
Seven and the Ragged Tiger 1983 LP, CD
Arena 1984 LP, CD
Notorious 1986 LP, CD
Big Thing 1988 LP, CD
Decade: Greatest Hits 1989.10.31 LP, CD
Greatest 1998.11.03 CD
Singles Box Set 1981-1985 2003.06.10 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Eden's Crush Popstars 2001.05.01 CD
Marshall Bruce Mathers, III
17 October 1972, Kansas City, MO
The Eminem Show (Limited Edition with Bonus DVD) 2002.05.26 CD, DVD
8 Mile Soundtrack 2002.10.29 CD
8 Mile (Movie) 2002.11.08 DVD
Evanescence Fallen 2003.03.04 CD
Eve's Plum (with Colleen Fitzpatrick aka Vitamin C) Envy 1993 CD
Cherry Alive 1995 CD
Exposé Exposure 1986 LP, CD
What You Don't Know 1989 LP, CD
Exposé 1992 CD
Greatest Hits 1995 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Rachel Farris
c. 1977
Soak 2003.05.06 CD
50 Cent In Da Club (Single) 2003 MP3
Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac 1975 LP, CD
Rumours 1977 LP, CD
Tusk 1979 LP, CD
Tango in the Night 1987 LP, CD
Behind the Mask 1990 LP, CD
Willa Ford Willa Was Here 2001.07.17 CD
Nelly Furtado
Nelly Kim Neto Furtado
2 December 1978, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Loose 2006.06.13 CD, MP3


Artist Title Year Format
Go-Go's VH1 Behind the Music: Go-Go's Collection 2000 CD
God Bless the Go-Go's   (Personally Autographed Album Cover by All Five Members) 2001 CD
Nina Gordon Tonight and the Rest of My Life 2000.06.27 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Deborah Harry Debravation 1993 CD
Juliana Hatfield Hey Babe 1992 CD
Become What You Are 1993.08.03 CD
Please Do Not Disturb (EP) 1997.10.17 CD
Bed 1998.08.25 CD
Juliana's Pony: Total System Failure 2000.05.16 CD
Heart Brigade 1990 CD
Jennifer Love Hewitt
21 February 1979, Waco, TX
How Do I Deal (Music Video) 1998.11.17 MPEG
How Do I Deal 1999.01.19 CD Single
Barenaked (Music Video) 2002.10.08 MPEG
Barenaked 2002.10.08 CD
Nina Hynes Creation (EP) 1999 CD EP


Artist Title Year Format
Billy Idol Vital Idol 1980-1987 CD
Natalie Imbruglia Left of the Middle 1998 CD
Information Society Hack 1990 CD
Chris Isaak San Francisco Days 1993 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Janet Jackson Control 1986 LP, CD
Control -- The Remixes 1986 CD
Rhythm Nation 1814 1989 LP, VHS, CD
Michael Jackson Thriller 1982 LP, Cassette, CD
Bad 1987 LP, CD
Jane's Addiction Strays 2003 ECD
The Jets Magic 1987 CD
The Best of the Jets 1985-1990 CD
Then & Now 1998 CD
Jewel Kilcher
23 May 1974, Payson, UT
Pieces of You 1995.02.28 CD
Spirit 1998.11.17 CD
Joy: A Holidy Collection 1999.11.02 CD
Chasing Down the Dream (Audio Book Read by Jewel with Music) 2000.10.10 CD
This Way 2001.11.13 ECD
Intuition/Standing Still (Live Acoustic Version-Recorded Live 2002) (CD Single) 2003.05.06 CD Single
Intuition (ECD Maxi Single) 8 different non-LP remixes, dance beats, techno, trance, etc. + Making of the "Intuition" music video in QuickTime video 2003.05.20 ECD Maxi Single
0304 + Jewel interview about songs on 0304 in QuickTime video + photo gallery 2003.06.03 ECD
Joanna Noelle Levesque
20 December 1990, Foxborough, MA
JoJo 2004.06.22 CD
Leave (Get Out) 2004.07.22 CD Maxi-Single Import
Sessions@AOL 2004.07.27 EP CD
Journey Greatest Hits 1988.11.15 CD
The Essential Journey 2001.10.16 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Mary Karlzen Hide 1993 EP CD
I'd Be Lying 1994 CD Single
Yelling at Mary 1995 CD
You Sleigh Me! - Alternative Christmas 1995 CD
Whatever 1996 CD Single
Dim the Watershed   CD
Alicia Keys Songs in A Minor 2001.06.05 CD
The Kinks Word of Mouth 1984 CD
Greatest Hits   CD
Korn     MP3s


Artist Title Year Format
Avril Lavigne
27 September 1984, Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Let Go 2002.05.21 ECD
Lifehouse No Name Face 2000.10.31 CD
Stanley Climbfall 2002.09.17 CD
The Like
Z. Berg (vocals/guitars)
Charlotte Froom (bass/vocals)
Tennessee Thomas (drums/vocals)
Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? 2005.09.13 CD
Lillix Falling Uphill 2003.05.13 CD
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory 2000.10.24 CD
Reanimation 2002.07.30 CD
Meteora (Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD) 2002.07.30 ECD, DVD
Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
Lisa Anne Loeb, 11 March 1968, Bethesda, MD
Concert Ticket 04/17/02
Tails 1995 CD
Firecracker 1997.11.11 CD
Cake and Pie 2002 CD
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Morgan Lohan, 2 July 1986, Cold Spring Harbor, New York, NY
Speak 2004.12.07 ECD
A Little More Personal (Raw) 2005.12.06 CD
Lone Justice
(with Maria McKee)
Lone Justice 1985 LP, CD
Shelter 1986 LP, Cassette, CD
Live Concert Video   VHS
This World is Not My Home 1999.01.12 CD
Jennifer Lopez CD


Artist Title Year Format
Marit Larsen (1 July 1983) and
Marion Raven (25 May 1984), Norway
Mirror Mirror 2000.02.22 CD5 Maxi-Single
Shades of Purple 2000.03.07 CD
Mirror Mirror 2000.03.07 CD Single
Don't Say You Love Me (Import CD Single) 2000.03.13 CD Single
The Big Room 2002.03.05 CD
Madonna Ciccone
16 August 1958
Bay City, MI
Madonna 1983.07.27 LP, Cassette, CD
Like A Virgin 1984.11.12 LP, Cassette, CD
True Blue 1986.06.30 LP, Cassette, CD
You Can Dance 1987.11.17 LP, Cassette, CD
Who's That Girl Soundtrack 1987.06.24 LP, Cassette, CD
Like A Prayer 1989.03.21 LP, Cassette, CD
I'm Breathless 1990.05.22 LP, Cassette, CD
Immaculate Collection 1990.11.13 LP, CD
Erotica 1992.10.20 LP, CD
Bedtime Stories 1994.10.25 CD
In the Beginning 1994 CD
Something to Remember 1995.11.07 CD
Evita 1997.08.23 CD
Ray of Light 1998.03.03 CD
The Next Best Thing 2000.02.27 CD
American Pie (Single) 2000.02.27 MP3
Music 2000.09.19 CD
GHV2 2001.11.13 CD
Die Another Day 2002.10.22 CD Single
American Life (Music Video) 2003 MPEG
MTV: Madonna-American Life (Live Performances) 2003.04.21 VHS
American Life 2003.04.22 CD
Bob Marley & the Wailers Compilation 1970-1992 1970-1992 CD
John Mayer Room for Squares 2001.09.18 CD
Maria McKee
17 August 1964
Maria McKee 1989.06 CD
You Gotta Sin to Get Saved 1993.06.22 Cassette, CD
Life is Sweet 1996.03.26 CD
Ultimate Collection 2000.08.22 CD
High Dive 2003.04.22 CD
Sarah McLachlan     CD
Meat Loaf Bat Out of Hell II-Back Into 1993 CD
Midnight Oil Diesel & Dust 1987 CD
Milla (Milla Jovovich) Milla (Promotional CD): Music from the Forthcoming Album "The Divine Comedy" 1994 Promo CD
The Divine Comedy 1994.04.05 CD
Kylie Minogue Kylie 1988.12 LP, Cassette, CD
I Should Be So Lucky 1988 7" single
Locomotion 1988 7" single
It's No Secret 1988 7" single
Enjoy Yourself 1990 LP
Kylie's Remixes 1993 CD
Kylie's Non-Stop History 50+1 1993 CD
Fever 2001.10.01 CD
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill 1995.06.13 CD
Under Rug Swept 2002.02.26 CD
Mötley Crüe     MP3s
Jason Mraz   2002 CD
Alannah Myles Alannah Myles 1989 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Stevie Nicks Rock A Little   CD
No Doubt No Doubt 1992.03.17 CD
Tragic Kingdom 1995.10.10 CD
Return of Saturn 2000.04.11 CD
Rock Steady 2001.12.11 CD
NSync No Strings Attached (Honk Hong Version) 2000 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Sinéad O'Connor Faith and Courage 2000.06.13 CD
Stacie Orrico
Stacie Joy Orrico
3 March 1986, Seattle, WA
Genuine 2000.08.29 CD
Christmas Wish (EP) 2001.10.09 CD
Stacie Orrico 2003.03.25 CD
Stuck (Music Video) 2003.03.25 MPEG
Various The Osbourne Family Album 2002.06.11 CD
Kelly Osbourne Papa Don't Preach 2002.06.11 Single, VHS


Artist Title Year Format
Allison Paige The End of the World 2000 CD Single
Jennifer Paige Jennifer Paige 1998.08.11 CD
Positively Somewhere 2001.09.18 CD
Pepsi and Shirlie     CD
Liz Phair Why Can't I (Single) 2003.05 MP3
Liz Phair 2003.06.23 ECD
Pink Can't Take Me Home 2000.04.04 CD
Missundaztood 2001.11.20 ECD
(Faye, Anais, Rosie & Anna)
Play 2002.06.25 CD
Playin' Around the World 2003.01.28 DVD
Live in Concert Video 2003 VHS
Live Performance at Toys-R-Us New York 2003.02 VHS
Whole Again (Music Video) 2003 MPEG
Live in Concert at Disneyland (On Sale Now on eBay or e-mail Me! calvinlew@aol.com) 2003.04 VHS, Digital Video, VCD, DVD
I Must Not Chase the Boys (MP3 Digital Single) 2003 MP3, CD
I Must Not Chase the Boys (Music Video) 2003 MPEG
Replay 2003.06.10 CD
Pretenders     CD
For You 1978 MP3
Prince and the Revolution Controversy 1981.11 CD
1999 1983.02 CD
Purple Rain 1985 LP, Cassette, CD
Around the World in a Day 1985 CD
The Hits 1 1993.09.14 CD
The Hits 2 1993.09.14 CD
The Very Best of Prince 2001.07.31 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Jannel Rap Clementine Street 1994 CD
So Beyond Clementine Street 1995 CD
Sea of Red 1999 CD
Blue 2001 CD
Remy Zero Remy Zero 1996 MP3
Villa Elaine 1998 MP3
Save Me (Smallville Theme) 2001 MP3
The Golden Hum 2001 MP3
Rolling Stones     CD
Roxette     CD


Artist Title Year Format
Santana featuring Michelle Branch The Game of Love Music Video 2002.10.22 MPEG
The Game of Love Live at the VMAs Latin America 2002 2002.10.22 MPEG
Scandal featuring Patty Smyth Scandal   EP
Warrior 1984 CD
The Warrior 1984 7" Single
Peter Schilling Major Tom (Coming Home) 1983 7" single, MP3
Alexandra Slate Guilty 2002 MP3
Edge of the Girl 2003.09.16 CD
Suzanne Smith Suzanne Smith 2002 CD
Patty Smyth Patty Smyth 1992 CD
Rick Springfield Greatest Hits 1981-1988 CD
Hard to Hold Soundtrack 1984 LP, CD
Brenda K. Starr Brenda K. Starr 1987 CD
What You See is What You Get 1987 7" single
I Still Believe 1987 7" single
Over and Over 1987 7" single, 12" single
Survivor Eye of the Tiger, The Search is Over, Burning Heart 1982-1985 MP3s


Artist Title Year Format
10,000 Maniacs
Natalie Anne Merchant
26 October 1963, Jamestown, NY
In My Tribe 1987.07.07 CD
Blind Man's Zoo 1989.05.11 LP, CD
Our Time in Eden 1992 CD
MTV Unplugged (Live) 1993.10.26 CD
Tenacious D Tenacious D 2001.09.25 CD
311 Soundsystem 1999 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Holly Valance   2002 MP3s
Ellee Ven
Jessica Kunin
The One (EP) CD
The Eleventh Hour LP CD
Mind Control: The Album CD
Eleven by Ellee Ven 2003.10 CD
Vitamin C
Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick
27 June 1970, Old Bridge, NJ
Vitamin C 1999.08.31 ECD
More 2000.11.21 CD


Artist Title Year Format
Hayley Westenra Pure 2003 CD, MP3
Wham! Fantastic 1983 LP, Cassette, CD
Make It Big 1984 LP, Cassette, CD
Music from the Edge of Heaven 1986 LP, Cassette, CD
White Lion Pride 1987 CD
Vanessa Williams Running Back to You 1991 CD Single


Artist Title Year Format
Yes 90125 1983 CD

Various Artists

Artist Title Year Format
Various Artists The Best of New Age 1995 CD
Various Artists Entertainment Weekly 80's Wave 1998 CD
Various Artists Harley-Davidson Road Songs Vol. 1   2 CDs
Harley-Davidson Road Songs Vol. 2 1998 2 CDs
Living in Oblivion: The 80's Greatest Hits Volume 1 1993 CD
Various Artists The Osbourne Family Album 2002 CD
Various Artists Pure Soul: Hits from the '70s & '80s 1971-1985 CD
Mary Karlzen, Collective Soul, Tori Amos, Donna Lewis, Billy Pilgrim, Juliana Hatfield, Jill Sobule, Daniel Johnston, Dillon Fence, James Carter, Victoria Williams, Everything But The Girl You Sleigh Me! - Alternative Christmas 1995 CD

Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Title Year Format
Soundtrack: Mystikal, Gang Starr Featuring M.O.P., KRS-One Featuring Channel Live, Down 2 Earth Featuring Rome, P.A., Wolf Pak, Kasino, Bounty Killer Featuring Mobb Deep & Rappin' Noyd, Majesty Featuring Bizzy Bone, Mantronik vs. EPMD, Roger S. Featuring Soulson, New Order, Expansion Union, DJ Krush, Junkie XL Blade 1998.08.18 CD

Music Genre:   Chinese   |   Japanese   |   Korean   |   Spanish   |   Russian   |   Christian   |   Movie Scores   |   Classical   |   Country   |   Soundtracks   |   Celtic / Irish   |   Electronic / Techno / Dance / House/ Trance   |   Jazz   |   Pop / Rock / Etcetera   |   Hip-Hop / Rap

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