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Guan Jun-Wing

Profile / Other Information About Me

Yahoo! AvatarsOccupation:  Computer Systems Administrator at Palomar College, San Marcos, CA; L-3 Communications, San Diego, CA; Producer; Political Activist; and Historian (Specializing in Chinese, Asian, and American)

Education:  UCSD UCSD Logo, La Jolla, CA.
B.A. History (with emphasis in East Asia).
Course work in Computer Engineering, Chinese Studies and Language, and Japanese Language

Languages Spoken:  English, Gongdungwa / Guangdonghua Cantonese Chinese (Gong-Dung Wa), Guoyu / Gokyu Mandarin Chinese (Guó Yu), Sei-Yup Wa Chinese (Hoi-Ping or Toi-San), Nihongo Japanese (Nihongo), and Spanish (Español)

Hobbies and Interests:  Being with family and friends, Making new friends, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Movies, Music, Tennis (playing and watching), Traveling and Driving, Anime & Manga (Japanese animation & comics), Reading, playing classic video games, Politics

Favorite Music / Groups:  Classical (J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart), Movie Scores (Ennio Morricone, Nino Rota, Hans Zimmer, Randy Edelman, Ip Man Soundtrack, Tron Soundtrack), Country (The Mavericks, Pam Tillis), Chinese (Sandy Lam, Wong Faye, Wang Jie, Yuki Hsu, Sally Yeh, a-Mei, Coco Lee), Japanese (Anime, Utada Hikaru), Korean (Y.G. Family, Fin.K.L, Space A), Spanish (Mecano, Lucero, Shakira), Popular (Journey, Wierd Al Yankovic, Ace of Base, New Order, Pat Benatar, Go-Go's, Bangles, Cranberries, No Doubt, Kelly Clarkson), Rock (Heart), Old School (Grandmaster Flash, Old school hip hop), and Techno/Dance (Mortal Kombat, The Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers)

Areas of Study / Research:  History (Chinese, Asian, American, Foreign Affairs).
Currently:  US-Asian Relations and Vietnam history
Areas of specialized interest and expertise: The last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the following Meiji Restoration, Sun Yat-sen and the Chinese Revolution of 1911, Pearl Harbor, history of the OSS and CIA, the Nixon Era (the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon years)

Books / Authors:  THE BIBLE, Ayn Rand (We The Living, The Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged), William Shakespeare, John le Carre (The Spy that Came in from the Cold, Russia House), Tom Clancy (Cardinal of the Kremlin, Clear and Present Danger), Dorothy Parker, Charles Dickens (David Copperfield, Bleak House), Japanese Manga, E.L. Doctorow (Billy Bathgate), E.M. (Edward Morgan) Forster (A Room with a View, Howard's End), Anthony Robbins (Unlimited Power), Frederic Bastiat (The Law), Richard Nixon (Six Crises, In The Arena), Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Iris Chang, Stephen Ambrose
Currently Reading:
Joseph J. Ellis.  His Excellency: George Washington (2004)

Heroes:  JESUS, Sun Yat-sen, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, General Robert E. Lee, Frederic Bastiat, Barry Goldwater, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, the American soldier, My Mother, and My Father Barry Lew

Sports / Outdoor Activities:  Tennis, bicycling, hiking, and jogging

Birthdate:  24 April

Calvin W. Lew / Guan Jun-Wing


Favorite Quote:
"To him who acts on proper principle, the reward is in the struggle more than in victory itself."
— John C. Calhoun

If you have comments or suggestions, please e-mail me at calvinlew@aol.com

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